Bead Dispenser Meshplates

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LabTIE Bead Meshplates
Simple. Fast. Reliable.

LabTIE Bead Meshplates are used together with the LabTIE Bead Dispenser. The Meshplate is inserted in the Dispenser to determine the size and amount of beads to be Dispensed.

A flexible system that can Dispense a large variation of Beads while speeding up your process over 150 times as it takes only 8 seconds to Dispense.


Your Meshplate is than able to Dispense any type of bead, ranging from bacto beads (soft powder substance) to metal, silica, borosilicate, zirconia, etc. accurately within a 0% error range, exceeding other Bead dispensing systems.



  • Made from high quality Aluminium (6000) and anodised to harden and protect the Meshplate
  • Antistatic
  • Large selection of Bead Meshplates available
  • Materials, Methods and Cleaning protocols can be found here




Bead Dispenser Meshplates

Additional information

Size of Bead (mm)

0.8, 1.0, 2.0, 3.2, 3.96, 4.7, Custom Size

Amount of Beads per well

1, 4, 5, Custom Amount

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