phenoMobile Lite

phenoMobile Lite

High Resolution,
High Throughput,
Field Phenotyping


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The phenoMobile Lite is an advanced mobile research platform designed to carry a range of instrumentation used for the high throughput phenotyping of traits in field conditions. The phenoMobile Lite system is able to measure such traits non-destructively and considerably faster than traditional methods, saving both time and money. Fitted with an outdoor laser measurement scanner (LiDAR) and a computer, the phenoMobile Lite scans trial plots from above to generate a 3D model of the crop canopy, which is then used to quantify specific traits such as biomass, fractional ground cover, and crop height. An RGB camera is also mounted to the adjustable boom to be used in plant counts. A GreenSeeker spectral sensor can also be mounted for NDVI measurement.

The phenoMobile Lite consists of a lightweight frame with adjustable wheel spacing (for different width plots) that is driven by a single electric wheel and guided from behind by an operator, allowing for smooth and easy operation. Collected data can be conveniently uploaded to the phenoMobile processing pipeline where data is then processed to derive above-ground canopy parameters on an individual plot basis.

phenoMobile Lite


• High efficiency and non- destructive measurements resulting in greatly reduced labour costs

• High throughput, and high spatial resolution data capture

• Flexible instrument payloads, including RGB, thermal, LiDAR, and spectral sensors

• Easy operation and portable for movement between sites

• Web-based data processing pipeline for analysis of key phenotyping traits

phenoMobile Lite


The phenoMobile Lite has been successfully validated to be a surrogate for the non-destructive field phenotyping of both wheat and rice yielding estimates of canopy height, fractional ground cover, greenness vertical distribution, leaf area, plant counts, visual assessments, and with optional NDVI GreenSeeker, canopy density and greenness.

phenoMobile Lite


Vehicle Construction Instruments
Material Aluminum/Steel Lidar SICK LMS400

FOV: 70°

Laser: monochromatic, 650nm 4-7.5 mW

Range: 0.7 – 3 m

Distance resolution: 1mm Scanning & angular resolution:

250Hz, 0.1°

500Hz, 0.25°

Max. Length 2.330m
Max. Folded width 1.165m
Width wheel track 0.96 – 2.20m
Boom height range 2.0 – 2.80m
Max. Clearance 1.60m
Max. Transport height 1.95m RGB camera Canon 6D 18MP camera with 50mm lens
Vehicle mass 400kg NDVI GreenSeeker (Optional) Height adjustable mounting bracket
Power Data processing pipeline
Wheel battery 2 x removable 48V rechargeable batteries  

Collected data is uploaded to HRPPC servers for later processing using the HRPPC Data Barn Processing Pipeline. This is a web-based system allowing the user to plot cut for values of crop height, fractional cover, biomass index and NDVI.

Instruments battery 1 x removable 24V rechargeable battery
Mechanism Feature

The PM3000 uses a patented mechanism enabling it to fold out to a 2.2m maximum wheel track and retract back to fit on a pickup truck or car trailer without needing to use any tools. Wider wheel tracks can be offered to suit customer needs. Folding and unfolding is as simple as entering the desired under frame height and wheel track width into the controller and driving forward. The Phenomobile will automate the complete folding and unfolding process.

Traction Drive Feature

The Parker traction control system is controlled from the rear of the PM3000, using the joystick or handle bar buttons. The traction control logic is split into two functions:


1.       Maneuverable mode

2.       Line mode


The maneuverable mode is employed when loading/unloading from the vehicle or trailer where low speed and high agility is required. The two drive wheels can function similar to a ‘Zero Turn’ vehicle. The line mode is employed when operating along straight rows and can be easily trimmed to adjust for steering bias on-the-go. Line mode can also be automated with drop-in auto steer for controlled traffic applications. The traction drive comprises of high quality, zero maintenance servo motors. When combined with the Parker control system, the servo motors provide a superior level of control to maintain nominated ground speed. Two cruise control speeds can be set by the controller prior to operation and activated by buttons on the joystick and handle bars.

Experimental Prerequisites

Trial plots dimensions must have a width of 1.0 – 2.2 meters and include at least 0.25m breaks of bare soil between plots.



phenoMobile Lite
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