PlantSpec10 by Middleton Spectral Vision


PlantSpec™ 10 is a hyperspectral system optimized for whole plant imaging. A hyperspectral camera can be positioned to image the canopy of plants up to four feet high. The camera can also be configured to scan plants from the side. Different lens options allow for a variety of field of views depending on the plant being scanned.
The system comes with a large frame that can accommodate hyperspectral, RGB or thermal cameras. An 80-inch drive moves the hyperspectral camera. The system comes with illumination, hyperspectral camera, referencing pan-els, PC and frame.


The PlantSpec™ 10 system includes the following components:

  • Robust system frame with locking casters
  • MSV13 Halogen Illumination system
  • Power Supply Module
  • Software controlled motorized drive for image scanning
  • MSV 101L VNIR Hyperspectral camera 400-1000nm (Standard)
  • OLE 17mm lens (other lens options available)
  • White Reference bar
  • Fast Frame acquisition software
  • KemoQuant Visualization software
PlantSpec10 by Middleton Spectral Vision
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