Phenotyping & Automation in Agriculture

High Throughput Plant Phenotyping (HTPP) methods have emerged over the last decade as a response to “bottleneck” in crop improvement, whereby rapidly accumulating genomic data was underutilized because of a lack of methods to measure plant growth and yield in different environments quickly and non-invasively.

More recently, opportunities to increase the efficiency of farming have been recognized by entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, leading to the development of software and robotic solutions to the challenges of data-based decision making and farm labor shortages.


The Vibe QM3

The Vibe QM range of products has been developed specifically for end users in the rice, grains and seeds  AgriTech market segments.
Our  core technology is comprised of machine vision and learning, cloud services, data analytics and application knowledge.
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Consulting Services



Market Sectors: 
 *Universities & Research Institutions    *Seed Testing    *Plant Breeding
Does your organization wish to get started with high throughput plant phenotyping, but is unsure of where to begin?  Indeed, it’s a dispersed and rapidly evolving marketplace with a steep learing curve. I keep abreast by attending all the major conferences and exhibitions, having worked in the plant research measurement and phenotyping sector for over seven years.
In addition to helping numerous clients select the appropriate technologies among my former employers’ offerings, I have also consulted with R&D organizations to assess their research pipelines and identify third-party phenotyping solutions.
Please contact me for confidential discussion about your phenotyping needs!